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Every day thousands of homeowners have trouble making their next mortgage payment. Tough things may seem hopeless, but help is available. However, you need to take the first step! If you ignore the problem you may lose your home to foreclosure, possibly affecting your ability to qualify for credit or to rent another home.


Save America Homes saved me from foreclosure! They got the bank to release me and got me $3,000 to move. I am so grateful for all their hard work!

Cora M., Chattanooga, Tn

Wow! I would have been foreclosed on and evicted if I hadn’t replied to Save America Homes letter in the mail. I got money to move and the bank took way less than I owed. Thank you guys!

Mary S., Hixson, Tn

After the stress of going thru a divorce, I pretty much had no faith in anything. I was about to lose my house and referred to Save America Homes by a friend. They got after it the first day and didn’t let up until they had the bank giving me cash and a written approval to move on with my life. Amazing difference then I had thought was going to happen.

Richard A., Ooltewah, Tn

I owed on a house that wasn’t worth what I owed. Save America Homes worked with the bank to take what the house was worth and I was able to move with $10,000 they got the bank to give me for relocation assistance.

Quintina B., Hixson, Tn

Save America Homes and their attorney saved me from years of problems if I got foreclosed on. They stopped the foreclosure and got a buyer to buy my house even though I was totally underwater and the house needed tons of repairs. Thank you!

Carlos B., Chattanooga, Tn

f going thru a divorce isn’t enough, I got behind on taxes and no realtors would help me try and sell my house. Save America Homes negotiated with my 2 lenders and the IRS for us and got our house sold. Unbelievable tenacity and knowledge! Thank you so much!

Tony C., Ooltewah, Tn

Life Changer! Save America Homes and their attorney’s office got our bank to lower our payment so we could keep our home, but the best thing is, they got the bank to do a principal reduction, so it lowered our loan balance to todays value ($200k less). Thank you to your whole staff!

Calvin C. Soddy Daisy, Tn

We are good friends with Jay and know he helps people save their homes, but being too embarrassed, we waited until 3 weeks to the house was to be sold on the courthouse steps. He hugged me and said he would work it out. Within 3 weeks Save America Homes had the bank approval to sell the house and give us $3,000 to move. Thanks so much for their hard work!

Kim W., Chattanooga, Tn

Let me tell you about some fighters. I’m 78 years old and was about to be evicted. Save America Homes fought Bank of America for the longest time to save my home. They ended up buying the house and fixing it up for me so I could do a reverse mortgage. Now I have no payments except taxes and insurance. I thank you with all my heart, God Bless!

Joyce A., Lafayette, Ga

Going thru a divorce is tough enough, but fighting over a house that’s not worth whats owed is worse. Save America Homes was referred by the wife’s attorney to try and help. I had no faith in the beginning, but 7 months later I’m SHOCKED to have closed on a short sale and a written agreement from the bank that I don’t owe the remaining $80k they forgave. Thank you for all your help!

Jeffrey D, Harrison, Tn

This story starts with a house I was renting from a very sweet elderly couple. They got in trouble with making their payments to their bank. Jay told me to rest assure that if I would follow their credit building program I could possibly purchase this house in the future. Well, 18 months later I’m buying the house all rehabbed just like they said. I am so happy, and best thing is, I have a house that’s worth a lot more than I’m paying for it. Thank you guys!!!

Quintina A., Chattanooga, Tn

Where do I start? My husband left me with 2 young boys and a house that was in terrible condition. I couldn’t make the full payments or fix the problems, so I got a letter from Save America Homes about saving the home. They worked on a short sale for a LONG time and finally got it approved and my sons and I were able to move with the relocation assistance they got the bank to pay us. So Thankful for their hard work!

Teresa M., Hixson, Tn

I want to thank Save America Homes for helping me through such tough times. I had my 3rd stroke and couldn’t work and was about to be foreclosed on. They worked with the bank to agree to short sale my house even though it was worth a lot less than I owed. The huge blessing was they got the bank to give me $10,000 to move and they wouldn’t come after me for the amount I still owed. Thanks!

Heath D., Chattanooga, Tn

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