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Save America Homes was established during the recession of 2008 and has helped homeowners avoid foreclosure ever since. We want homeowners to know they have Better Options than walking away and being foreclosed on.

Please read through our testimonials to see how we fight as hard as we can for your Best Possible Outcome!



1. Contact Save America Homes right away. NOTHING IS WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING!

We discuss why you are unable to make your payment, whether the problem is temporary or permanent, and go over details about your income, expenses, and assist you in receiving the best possible outcome from this hardship.

2.  Open all of the mail you receive from your lender. It contains valuable information about repayment options. And later mail may have important legal notices. Failing to read the mail will not prevent a foreclosure action.


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Contact Save America Homes at (423) 432-3030 right away for a no cost consultation.  NOTHING IS WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING!

Let me tell you about some fighters. I’m 78 years old and was about to be evicted. Save America Homes fought Bank of America for the longest time to save my home. They ended up buying the house and fixing it up for me so I could do a reverse mortgage. Now I have no payments except taxes and insurance. I thank you with all my heart, God Bless!

Joyce A., Lafayette, Ga


If your income or expenses have changed so much that you are not able to continue paying the mortgage even under a workout plan offered by your lender, you should consider the options below.

Pre-foreclosure sale.
With your lender’s permission you can offer your house for sale and sell it at fair market value even if the amount you receive from the sale is less than the amount you owe. If you meet certain conditions, you may be eligible to receive relocation expenses.  

Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.
As a last resort, you may be able to voluntarily give your property back to your lender. If you leave the property clean and undamaged you may be eligible to receive relocation expenses.

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Contact Save America Homes at (423) 432-3030 right away for a no cost consultation. 

Here’s how we’ll help.

1) Determine Your Goals
You will speak with one of our Workout advisors to assess your goals and determine a strategic plan of action.

2) Determine Eligibility
While speaking with your advisor, you will be asked to answer some questions in order to determine eligibility and the best options for your Workout.

3) Prepare Documentation
We assist you in gathering all the necessary loan docs, among other documents and information critical in preparing your Workout plan. We assist you in preparing a complete Loss Mitigation package.

4) Submit the Workout Request
We submit the Loss Mitigation package to the lender.

5) Patience
Once the Loss Mitigation package is submitted, we follow up continuously with the lender.

6) Workout Review
The lender may request additional information as we go thru the process, like updated bank statements and pay check stubs.

7) Negotiation
Our processors and attorney work diligently in negotiating with your Lender to workout whats best for you and your family.

Don't Wait!

Contact Save America Homes at (423) 432-3030 right away for a no cost consultation.  NOTHING IS WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING!

Please call us right now at (423) 432-3030 for a free, no-obligation, confidential appointment and we will listen with compassion to your situation and explain your options. We are available after hours or Saturdays if needed. We'll work together for a solution that's in your best interest.

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