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Every day thousands of homeowners have trouble making their next mortgage payment. Tough things may seem hopeless, but help is available. However, you need to take the first step! If you ignore the problem you may lose your home to foreclosure, possibly affecting your ability to qualify for credit or to rent another home.

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The banks received a bailout on the backs of the American people. Let us help you stop foreclosure and keep your home.

I want to thank Save America Homes for helping me through such tough times. I had my 3rd stroke and couldn’t work and was about to be foreclosed on. They worked with the bank to agree to short sale my house even though it was worth a lot less than I owed. The huge blessing was they got the bank to give me $10,000 to move and they wouldn’t come after me for the amount I still owed. Thanks!

Heath D., Chattanooga, Tn

Do Not Forfeit. You Have Rights!

You have Rights and better options than foreclosure, but only if you act immediately. If you leave your home without settling with your lender, you forfeit your rights to settle.

Keep Your Home!

95% of homeowners that have worked with us have received a considerable reduction in their monthly mortgage payments, allowing them to stay in their home and start over. Results vary but actual real world statistics include payments being cut in half, with some reduced as low as a 2% interest rate.

Potential for Cash Settlement!

The other 5% of homeowners chose to sell their home and move on, even if they were behind on payments and owed more than the house was worth. (We negotiated for them to receive a cash settlement, usually $3,000, but 3 of our previous clients received $10,000 along with a written signed settlement from their lender).

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