We all hit rough patches. If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, there’s immediate help available.

We also assist with Commercial Loans. Ask our Legal Staff about Probate and Problem Properties.


Every day thousands of homeowners have trouble making their next mortgage payment.

Tough things may seem hopeless, but help is available. However, you need to take the first step!

Ignoring the situation could lead to foreclosure, which wrecks your credit for years. There’s Better Options!

Our non-profit was established in 2008 and we’ve Helped Hundreds of Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure.

We’re proud to have ZERO complaints and an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau!

We’re on your side.

The banks have foreclosed on millions of homeowners while receiving a Bailout from the American people.

Let us make sure this doesn’t happen to you! We’ll fight together for your Best Possible Outcome!

I want to thank Save America Homes for helping me through such tough times. I had my 3rd stroke and couldn’t work and was about to be foreclosed on. They worked with the bank to agree to short sale my house even though it was worth a lot less than I owed. The huge blessing was they got the bank to give me $10,000 to move and they wouldn’t come after me for the amount I still owed. Thanks!

Heath D., Chattanooga, Tn

Do Not Walk Away and Forfeit Your Rights!

You have better options than foreclosure, but only if you act immediately.

By walking away without settling with your lender, you forfeit your rights and why trust the banks to do the right thing.  We can help you settle the account on your best possible terms.

Keep Your Home!

We help homeowners avoid foreclosure by listening to you and explaining the options in detail so you’re aware of your civil rights. 

We know this is a very stressful time and yet very time sensitive.  Please Call Us as soon as you anticipate trouble.

Potential for Cash Settlement!

Do you remember the thick stack of documents you signed at the closing?  There’s a good chance that your lender would pay you to settle and move on instead of foreclosing, but only if you engage them with knowledge!   Please Call Us Right Away!

Don't Wait!

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Please call us right now at (423) 432-3030 for a free, no-obligation, confidential appointment and we will listen with compassion to your situation and explain your options. We are available after hours or Saturdays if needed. We'll work together for a solution that's in your best interest.

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