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Here’s how we’ll help…

1) Determine Your Goals

You will speak with one of our Workout advisors to assess your goals and determine a strategic plan of action.

2) Determine Eligibility

While speaking with your advisor, you will be asked to answer some questions in order to determine eligibility and the best options for your Workout.

3) Prepare Documentation

We assist you in gathering all the necessary loan docs, among other documents and information critical in preparing your Workout plan. We assist you in preparing a complete Loss Mitigation package.

4) Submit the Workout Request

We submit the Loss Mitigation package to the lender.

5) Patience

Once the Loss Mitigation package is submitted, we follow up continuously with the lender.

6) Workout Review

The lender may request additional information as we go thru the process, like updated bank statements and pay check stubs.

7) Negotiation

Our processors and attorney work diligently in negotiating with your Lender to workout whats best for you and your family.