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Your home is your biggest investment and we can assist you in saving it, no matter the situation. We’ve helped homeowners stop over 550 foreclosures and we can do the same for you. Regardless if you’re facing foreclosure, behind on your mortgage, or just needing to lower your monthly payment, we can help.

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The banks received their bailout on the backs of the American people. Let us help you stop foreclosure and keep your home.

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• You have Rights and better options than foreclosure, but only if you act immediately.

• If you leave your home without settling with your lender, you forfeit your rights to settle.

• 95% of homeowners that have worked with us have received a considerable reduction in their monthly mortgage payments, allowing them to stay in their home and start over. Results vary but actual real world statistics include payments being cut in half, with some reduced as low as a 2% interest rate.

• The other 5% of homeowners chose to sell their home and move on, even if they were behind on payments and owed more than the house was worth. (We negotiated for them to receive a good chunk of cash, receive a cash settlement, usually $3,000, but our last 3 clients have receive a cash settlement, usually $3,000, signed settlement from their lender).

• We are proud to serve Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Nashville homeowners, along with Ringgold, Dalton, and all other north Georgia homeowners. And we’re excited to now offer services to Florida homeowners.


Did your bank/lender lose your documents, delay processing your requests, bait & switch your terms or lie to you? Your bank may owe you money due to incomptence. This program makes the bank/lender pay you for violations.

There is no upfront fee or money out of your pocket to start thus program.


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